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Reliability is paramount!™

Peritian™ is committed to making quality and trustworthy tactical and outdoor gear more acessible and affordable for everyone. We bring our firsthand field experience into every design for unparalled functionality. 

Unrivaled quality & value

We reduce markup to provide our customers with the best deals possible without compromising product quality. We partner with only top manufacturers, and routinely inspect our stock to ensure it meets all expectations.

Leaders in innovation

We strive to improve designs by thinking about the functions they serve and how operations can flow better. We run realistic simulations to test various conditions to optimize performance and make sure all factors are accounted for.

Experience & commitment you can trust

As fellow outdoorsman and tactical professionals, we know that fuction comes first, quality is essential, and your gear is a serious investment. So we understand that no one should have to overpay for what they need.

Best Savings & Value - Our strategy for keeping prices low is simple: lower profit margins. Yes, we eat more of the cost than our competitors to ensure we can provide the best deals possible to our customers! No sales gimmicks, just low prices!
Expert Development & Support - We are not another marketing team looking for a sales niche. We are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about our field. We proudly bring our expertise into innovating superior products, and our top-notch customer service!
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Free Shipping - You know those annoying websites that always try to upsale you to quality for free shipping? Yeah, not Peritian. We provide free shipping on all products and orders, regardless of the total transaction amount.
Easy Returns - We know returns can be frustrating, so we do our absolutely best to process them as quickly and conveniently as possible. Customer satisfaction and quality assurance are both very important to us.
Free Tracking - With Peritian, you don't have to worry about your order getting lost somewhere in an out-of-state warehouse. We provide free tracking information on all our orders, and never process payment until your order has been shipped and tracked.
Secure Checkout - Our website uses advanced HTTPS secure data encryption to ensure the protection of your customer information. Your security is of utmost importance to us!